JAG Arizona Achieves 5-of-5 Recognition for 20th Year

This past week, central office staff, coordinators, and JAG AZ Alumna/Board Member Anna Tovar were awarded the 5-of-5 award at the JAG National Training Seminar in Las Vegas.
July 20, 2022

Jobs for America's Graduates hosts an annual National Training Seminar (NTS) conference for JAG programs from across the nation to come together for training, workshops, and an award ceremony that recognizes school program specialists/coordinators and JAG programs for their impact. This year's NTS was held from July 11-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

This was the largest NTS and the first to be in person since 2019. It was an inspiring affair with 650 JAG Specialists, managers, trainers, and administrators present; 20 states achieving “5-of-5”; and 335 high schools across all states recognized for their “5-of-5” achievement. 

The 5-of-5 metric challenges JAG State Affiliates and their programs to exceed the nationwide JAG benchmarks for graduation, employment, full-time employment, full-time positive outcomes, and postsecondary education. Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates was recognized for achieving 5-of-5 with 99% graduated, 68% employed, 88% employed full-time, 89% full-time positive outcomes, and 54% attending postsecondary education. 

Nationally, JAG National’s Class of 2021 met a graduation rate of 96%, employment of 65%, full-time positive outcome rate of 78% (combination of work and postsecondary education), full-time employment of 83%, and postsecondary education rate of 46.55%. Another noteworthy metric for all JAG programs combined was an unemployment rate of 6.25% while the nationwide rate for all 18-19 year olds was 10.4%.

In addition to exceeding 5-of-5 national metrics by 3-11% in each category, three of our coordinators were acknowledged for their dedication and commitment to supporting our high school students.

Michelle Gonzales of Coolidge High School JAG and Wendy Paez Gonzales of Coronado High School JAG were awarded Outstanding Specialists of the Year award and our Peoria High School JAG Coordinator Holly Holgate Kreiger was awarded High Performer award for her program’s success rates. Along with our coordinators, Corporate Commissioner and Tolleson Union HS JAG Alumna Anna Tovar was recognized for her service to the JAG National Board.

It was a challenging year for our students and we are grateful for the exceptional efforts of our coordinators, staff, volunteers, employer partners, and board members in ensuring that our students were continually supported on their paths to reaching their highest potentials.

The new school year is nearly here, and we have exciting events coming up for our students/participants. Inquire HERE for how you can volunteer or present at our upcoming Middle School and High School Leadership Conferences in September!

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