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The JAG Advantage is based on three pillars: 
Trauma-Informed Care, Project-Based Learning, and Employer Engagement

JAG Employer Engagement Framework 2021
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Employer Engagement is an important part of the JAG Advantage because it offers our students opportunities to learn about available industry opportunities, network with professionals and future-employers, and develop their career goals. JAG participants work through the Employer Engagement Framework from Exposure, Exploration, and Experience to successful placement in employment and/or post-secondary education, certification, or credentialing programs.

Employer Partners are invited to begin their relationship with JAG through classroom engagement, typically guest speaker presentations. These introductory activities can lead to company tours, internships, shadowing, and longer-term employment as JAG participants demonstrate their professional maturity and capacity. Often, through engagement with participants, Employer Partners notice that there’s something special about JAG students. They’re inspiring and mature, with great hard and soft professional skills.

Please learn more about our volunteering opportunities below.

Classroom Engagement:

Guest speaker presentations are a great first step in the relationship between JAG and you and/or your company. Often, these presentations are stepping stones to further student mentorship.

Volunteers engage in one or more of the JAG classrooms to deliver a brief presentation about their company, college, or career path. In-person presentations may be 45 to 75 minutes in length depending upon the school for in-person presentations; virtual presentations are roughly 15 minutes. 

If you are interested in sharing your industry knowledge, employment opportunities, and other career advice as a guest speaker, please attend one of our upcoming New Volunteer Orientations! These 90-minute interactive Zoom sessions introduce JAG, detail presentation topics, and answer any questions you may have. While the main content typically requires 45 minutes to complete, the remaining 45 minutes in these sessions are saved for participant brainstorming.

Please complete this RSVP form to sign up for one of our upcoming New Volunteer Orientation sessions, held on the second Monday of each month from 1-2:30pm MST.

Host a Company/College Tour:

A company or college tour is typically a great second step in building a relationship with JAG. 

Campus and college tours offer JAG participants an opportunity to imagine themselves on specific campuses in pursuit of specific career paths. JAG Employer Partners may choose to host a group of JAG students at their location for a building, warehouse or campus tour. 

If this sounds like something that you or your company would like to pursue, please reach out to us! Our Coordinators will work with you, your company, and/or any other interested volunteers to schedule tours or engagement opportunities at a date and time that works for both parties. Where our Employer Partners are invited to propose tour ideas, JAG Coordinators will manage the logistics related to any off-campus experiences, including: transportation, lunch (if not provided by the company), liability release signatures, etc.

Check out the videos below to see two examples of company/college tours. In 2019, both AT&T and APS hosted JAG students at their facilities to learn more about the respective industries and potential career opportunities.

Employee Recruitment:

JAG Partners are encouraged to share entry level employment opportunities with JAG to disseminate throughout our employment opportunities network for participants. Employer Partners are recommended to share both immediate and long-term opportunities. If you have any questions about how to share these opportunities, please contact us!

Annual Student Conferences & Events:

Each year, JAG hosts multiple conferences at which students may showcase their developing professional skills, network with Employer Partners, and participate in workshops to further their personal and professional development. These include, but are not limited to:

-Fall: Leadership Development Conference

-Spring: Career Development Conference

-Throughout the year: Career Fairs & Job Expos

Employer Partners are invited share resources and employment opportunities with JAG participants at our yearly tabling events, career fairs, and conferences. Additionally,  JAG invites hundreds of volunteer Employer Partners to evaluate and share feedback on student competition entries at yearly conferences. 

These can be a great opportunity for those new to JAG to learn about the organization and gain experience mentoring students. Please reach out to us if you’d like more information and/or would like to express interest in these volunteering opportunities!
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