The JAG Advantage

All JAG programs give young people the Advantage as they complete high school and prepare to enter the workforce.

JAG programs utilize a Project-Based Learning approach to instruction. Young people are given opportunities to learn and practice new skills through leadership, career exploration, and community service activities of their choosing through the JAG Career Association. These projects reinforce critical workplace skills including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork.

JAG recognizes that the people in a young person’s life have the greatest ability to influence their direction. For that reason, all JAG programs are centered on a Program Coordinator, who is dedicated to a cohort of 40 young people each year, allowing them to build strong relationships with each participant and individualize services to meet their needs. JAG utilizes principles of Trauma-Informed Care in our approach, meeting young people where they are, and helping them to move forward. The JAG Coordinator, serving as teacher, mentor, coach, and advisor, works with each participant to address any school-related challenges, guide them through their career and college exploration, and empower them to take on their biggest goals.

JAG’s Workforce Development & Employer Engagement efforts bring career opportunities to life for JAG students, giving them hands-on career exploration and face to face interaction with a network of employer representatives who are excited to share their career stories.
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