About Us

Our Mission

Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a more than 40 year history of serving youth across Arizona. JAG’s mission is to help young people stay in school and to acquire the academic, personal, leadership and vocational skills they will need to be successful upon graduation.

Today, JAG serves more than 1100 young people in 29 programs in schools throughout Arizona, as well as, community-based programs in the Tolleson, Avondale and Peoria areas.

All JAG programs are based on the evidenced-based national model developed by Jobs for America’s Graduates. JAG Arizona is consistently exceeding the JAG National Standards, and continues to be recognized for outstanding performance in the network.

Benefits of JAG

  • A rich history with 30 programs throughout the state, serving nearly 40,000 students in Arizona since 1980.
  • The JAG Advantage that supports young people’s journey through high school completion while preparing them to enter the workforce.
  • The JAG Advantage is based on a promise - the promise that we will deliver student-centered programs to help our students achieve their full potential.
  • We give our students the advantage that set them apart from all other youth in today’s emerging workforce.
  • Along with the JAG Advantage, we are provide students with guidance and connections to an array of opportunities including;
    • professional and leadership development,
    • peer/mentor support, team-building activities,
    • self-advocacy coaching
    • and the right support services they will need to be successful!
  • The JAG Program Coordinators advocate for students and act as mentor, guidance counselor, career coach, and educator. Sometimes, JAG Program Coordinators are the most consistently present adult in some of our students’ lives. On average, JAG serves more than 1,000 students per year throughout the state.
  • Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates consistently meets and surpasses national outcome standards with an average 99% graduation rate and 97% of graduates employed and/or attending further education.
  • All JAG programs are centered on a Program Coordinator, who is dedicated to 40 young people each year, allowing them to establish strong relationships with each of student and individualize services to meet their specific needs.
  • JAG utilizes principles of Trauma-Informed Care, meeting our students where they are, and helping them to move forward.
  • JAG’s Workforce Development & Employer Engagement efforts bring career opportunities to life. These give our students hands-on career exploration and face to face interaction with a network of employer representatives who are excited to share their career stories.
  • The JAG program doesn’t end at high school graduation. All JAG seniors receive 12 months of follow-up services to support them as they begin to navigate the world.
AZ Tax Credit Funds
(602) 216-9503 I info@jagaz.org
10201 S. 51st Street, Ste 125, Phoenix, AZ 85044
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