Casa Grande JAG Welcomes Students

JAG Coordinator entices students with JAG swag and success
August 18, 2021

Recently, JAG Coordinator, Martin Gustefson, hosted the JAG table at the back-to-school event at Casa Grande Union High School to connect with students and let them know about the new JAG program on campus. This is the second year for the Casa Grande JAG program but marks the first year the program will be in-person on the high school campus. Mr. Gustefson was thrilled to welcome the students back to school and invite them to learn more about the JAG Career Association and all the activities and events planned for them. JAG Coordinators and students often table for their campus events in an effort to raise awareness and recruit new students.

We are excited to connect with Casa Grande community members and employers. If you are interested in volunteering with the Casa Grande JAG program or would like to become a JAG partner, please email Martin Gustefson at

Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates focuses on developing career pathways for students, emphasizing post-secondary education, employment readiness and life-skills training. JAG consistently exceeds the national standards set by Jobs for America’s Graduates, receiving the prestigious Five for Five Award each year since 2003.

Connect with us! If you would like more information about JAG in your school and community, please visit or call us at 602-216-9503.

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Communications Manager
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