UTI Tire Changing Event

UTI Tire Changing Event

To encourage students to work as a team to apply their problem solving (decision-making) skills in changing a tire in the least amount of time.
This event will build confidence in dealing with teamwork principles, build confidence in working in together, and strengthen the student’s
communication skills.

"Turning Leaders into Legends and Obstacles into Opportunities"

Competition Guideline

Competition Notes

Each team will be given 3 minutes to complete 3 tire changes

Tasks-each team member will
  a. Use lug removal tool to remove 5 lugs.
  b. Use lug tool to screw 5 lugs back on.
  c. 2nd student repeats steps A, B.
  d. 3rd student repeats steps A, B.

The timer clock runs for each team member, when task is completed timer clock should be stopped by assigned judge.

Clock should restart for each team member. The time for each competitor will be recorded.

Each team member must complete the tasks in order.

The team that completes the greatest number of tasks in the shortest amount of time will be declared as the event winner.

 In the event of a tie - the Team that communicated most effectively (the time between task #1 and #2) will be declared the winner.

Registration and Due Dates

Two Team Entries Per Program (3 Members Per Team, Must be Gender Diverse)

Day of CDC Event

Competition Date: April 6 2023

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