Project Based Learning Showcase

PBL Showcase 

Local chapters plan service-learning projects to support the selected organization.
Chapters document their involvement and submit documentation for the
opportunity to earn recognition at the state and national levels. This event aims
to encourage NCA members to provide service learning by coming together
collectively in support of the NCA National Service Project.

Official References: PBL Works:

Competition Guideline

PBL Showcase Event Overview

Each team member must present a portion of the
presentation and the overall work must be completed by all
team members.

Team members must create a presentation highlighting the
entire span of a project completed in their classroom. The
presentation should include details regarding:
  • Project Overview – Describe the purpose of the project?
What was the need for the project? What was team
members’ experience?
  • Entry Event – How was the project launched? How did
the JAG Specialist gain your attention?
  • What was the “Public Product”-the result of the
project? What was the impact?
  • What did you learn from participating in the project?
  • How did this project meet a need in your school,
community, or organization? 

  • What choices did you
have to “make it your own”?

  • Reflection – What did you take away from this PBL?
Describe the outcome. How were you impacted, or how
did you make an impact? What are your next steps?

Teams will be scored on the overall explanation of the PBL, yet
each team is encouraged to be creative, have fun, and make the
presentation unique

PBL- Showcase Event Details

Members should record their volunteer hours individually.

Donations should be noted on just ONE chapter member’s account.
 -For example, if a chapter raised $150 in five hours of volunteer time,
each member who participated should record five hours in the
online NCA Activity Tracking System. But only ONE member of the
chapter should enter the $150 donation total.  If all five members
entered $150, this would inflate the actual amount of money raised

The list of activities in the system is what will be used to identify recognition
levels at the National Career Development Conferences.

Information submitted to NCA via the proposed online NCA Activity
Tracking System will become the property of NCA. Permission is given to NCA to share project ideas with organizations and in NCA publications

Recognition Levels and Process

• The presentation should be a minimum length of 5 minutes and
a maximum length of 7 minutes.
• The timekeeper will time each presentation and use flashcards to
announce the 5-minute mark, 6-minute mark, 6.5-minute mark
and then, time will be called at the 7-minute mark, and the
presenter must stop speaking.
• Point deductions will be applied for teams who do not meet the
minimum time and for those who exceed the time limit.
• Students may create an audio/visual presentation (Power Point,
Prezi, Google Slides, Video, etc.) to support the presentation
with the judge panel.
NCA Competitive Event Guidelines
Project-Based Learning Showcase (2023) PB 3
• It is the responsibility of the team to bring the presentation tools
with them to their scheduled appointment and pull up the
files/videos needed in a timely manner. It is also recommended
to bring a laptop to show the presentation in the case of
technical difficulties during the competition.
• Projectors and screens will be provided by the NCA.
• Team members may use note cards as speaking aids if desired.
It is not acceptable or permitted to read the speech word-for word from the notes.
• Props may be used; this includes, but is not limited to, costumes,
handouts, music, the public product, photos, and/or a PowerPoint.

The written entry must follow the General Competitive Event Guidelines
as well as the specific Event Guidelines.

In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker will be determined by the areas on
the rating sheet section(s) with the highest point value in descending

Registration and Due Dates

One Team Entry Per Chapter (4 Members Per Team)


Submission Date: February 22, 2023

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