Program of Work Commercial

Program of Work Commercial

To encourage chapter members to explore the importance of JAG and learn about marketing, communication, and display creative talents.
"Turning Leaders into Legends and Obstacles into Opportunities"

Competition Guideline

Competition Notes

The chapter must create a 60 Second to 4 Minute Maximum Program of Work Commercial that includes both audio and video on any
platform. *Commercial time must range from 60 Second to 4 Minute Maximum Program of Work Commercial with no deductions.
Over or under range will result in point deduction.
Commercial should clearly display Chapter program of work in all of the following areas: Career Development, Civic Awareness, Community
Service, Leadership Development, Social Activities, and fundraising (if applicable).
Promotes your school’s JAG - Arizona program and can be used for recruiting purposes within your school as well as within your community.
Entries must contain references to your specific school (mention school name) and JAG-Arizona.
Entries must be appropriate and must not contain any inappropriate language or slang (that includes the use of music). However, music can be
in line with current music trends.
Entries must be one hundred percent (100%) student created including the filming and editing. If the commercial is not student created, the
product will be disqualified.
Students may utilize any video recording device, which includes an actual video camera, cell phones, web cams, tablets or iPads, etc.

Registration and Due Dates

One Entry Per Program


Submission Date March 10, 2023

AZ Tax Credit Funds
(602) 216-9503 I
3320 W. Cheryl Dr., Suite B220 Phoenix, AZ 85051
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