Program of the Year Scrapbook

Program of the Year

Chapters will develop a scrapbook disclosing the activities that aided chapter members in achieving the goals of their Career Association.
"Turning Leaders into Legends and Obstacles into Opportunities"

Competition Guideline

Competition Notes

The chapter scrapbook must be designed, implemented, and presented as the work of the chapters' members.

Please note any copyrighted material must be labeled as such. This includes utilizing statements from any other forms of curriculum or programming other than JAG Curriculum (i.e. Kids Who Care, 6 Pillars of Character, and PEEP.). The citation can and should be a general note crediting the source. For example: JAG students utilized resources and material provided by Kids at Hope to plan Are You a Treasure Hunter Day.

The scrapbook must cover the current school year (i.e., July 1 2022 to the entry deadline for the current year's state conference).

The scrapbook must not be more than 100 surfaces (50 pages if both sides are used) and cannot be larger than 18” by 24”.

The scrapbook must be divided into six sections with a divider surface for each section.

Each section must have a tab.

Entries will be rated based on the criteria contained in the judges rating sheet

Registration and Due Dates

One Entry Per Chapter


Submissions Date: March 10, 2023

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