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August 2, 2021

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What is JAG?

Starting during the 2020-2021 school year, the work of the JAG Central Office has been bolstered through the efforts of 6 AmeriCorps VISTA Members. JAG VISTA Members have helped to build resources for community and employer engagement, participant outreach, and learning-loss prevention; adapted annual conferences to increase accessibility for remote participants; written grants and videography projects, and more. 

To hear some words directly from JAG VISTA members about their service, check out the quotes below:

Becoming a VISTA for Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates from 2020 - 2021 has been a lifesaver during the pandemic. Simply being able to collaborate, work and see other people during lockdown, and knowing my work is helping others, made a horrific situation (quarantine) almost fun. I’ve especially enjoyed working as a team with my fellow VISTAs, learning about the struggles facing youth today and celebrating the success stories of our students.” Laura

"Even though I primarily work with our Central Office, not our students, I really value the times when I get to interact with our students. Early in my service I was in virtual meetings with our teachers and students statewide. Their relationships were tight-knit and comfortable as they worked through an ice-breaker. This was the moment where I realized how important our teachers are to JAG students. For many of them, their JAG Teacher is the only caring adult in their lives. I could see positive outcomes occur before my eyes.” Annemarie

Trauma-Informed Care is one of the three pillars of the JAG Advantage, and baked into everything that we do. In many cases, JAG Coordinators and staff are sometimes the only trusted adults in the lives of our participants, so it’s important that we are practicing thoughtful care with ourselves and others to role model for them. For VISTA members, this means that they receive, witness, and practice the Trauma-Informed Care that helps to define the organization.

 “One of my favorite events while being a VISTA and working with JAG had to be tabling at Desert Sky Mall with other VISTA members and JAG members. We had a great time engaging with the community, we had giveaways and shared plenty of laughs and smiles. It had to be my favorite time while working with JAG as a VISTA.” Sebastian

Part of the joy of working with JAG as a VISTA is the opportunity to participate in the community. During service, JAG VISTA members have the chance to network with, and learn from, the same community that we build around our participants. One of the ways JAG does this is through tabling at community events and job fairs throughout the year. 

The quotes above shed light on both the inspiring work of JAG as a whole, as well as the incredible contributions that VISTA members have made over the past year with the organization. JAG is truly lucky to host these members, and is looking forward to the opportunity to bring new members onto the team. Please check out the VISTA position openings linked at the top of this article to learn more.

Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates focuses on developing career pathways for students, emphasizing post-secondary education, employment readiness and life-skills training. JAG consistently exceeds the national standards set by Jobs for America’s Graduates, receiving the prestigious Five for Five Award each year since 2003.

Connect with us! If you would like more information about JAG in your school and community, please visit or call us at 602-216-9503.

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