TUHS JAG Program Initiates Student Officers & Members

Tolleson Union High School students prepare for academic, career and lifelong success with JAG Arizona
December 16, 2021

On December 10th, the Tolleson Union High School JAG class inducted 45 students into the 2021-22 JAG program during the “Initiation and Installation” ceremony. JAG, also known as Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates, has a deep history in Tolleson serving TUHS students since 1981.

Today, the program continues to support students with academic achievement; developing leadership skills while preparing students for college and career after high school. Throughout the school year; students attend conferences, meet employers who share their educational and career paths, participate in community service activities and more. These activities are vital for students to develop the necessary skills to be successful after graduation.

The ceremony represented a milestone in the students' lives as they swore an oath toward bettering their lives through academics and project-based learning activities that take place throughout the school year. During the ceremony, the student-elected officers and committee chairs shared their program goals for the rest of the school year and then shared their specific goals for class leadership development, career exploration, service learning, social awareness and fundraising goals.

Following the student speeches, Mayor Juan Rodriguez, a 1992 TUHS JAG alumni, inspired the students; reminding them that everyone's path is different and encouraged students to take every opportunity that JAG provides. He reminded the students that they are not alone on their journey and they have a supporter in him, and supporters in the community and on their school campus. As the ceremony came to a close, Mayor Rodriguez handed each student their JAG pin, symbolizing their commitment to their program and to themselves. To hear Mayor Rodriguez's JAG story, visit our Faces of JAG page.

The JAG program is offered at each of the Tolleson Union High School District Schools and in the community at the Tolleson Parks & Recreation building. JAG programs are based on the evidenced-based national model developed by Jobs for America’s Graduates. JAG Arizona consistently exceeds the JAG National Standards, and continues to be recognized for outstanding performance in the network. To learn more about JAG in your school and community, email nicole.porter@jagaz.org or give us a call at 602-216-9503.

Nicole Porter
Communications Manager
AZ Tax Credit Funds
(602) 216-9503 I info@jagaz.org
10201 S. 51st Street, Ste 125, Phoenix, AZ 85044
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