The Next Generation of Job Seekers and Leaders Show Off Their Skills at JAG’s Employability Skills Event

The annual Employability Skills Event brought statewide JAG programs together to put their skills to the test in interviewing, hospitality, and public speaking.
March 28, 2023

Choice Hotels sponsored JAG’s annual Pre-CDC Employability Skills Event at the Radisson Hotel and hosted 120 JAG youth in February. JAG programs from all over the state made the trip to interview with local employers, compete for the Career Development Conference’s (CDC) public speaking competition, and put their hospitality skills to the test. 

More than 30 of JAG’s Pathway Makers (otherwise known as Employer Partners) came out to the event to participate in mock interviews and review resumes for JAG program participants. Some of those Pathway Makers that attended were Honeywell, Honor Health, Fry’s, the U.S. Military, and Progressive Roofing. Those who participated in the mock interviews were also placed in the running for the CDC Interviewing Skills Competition. The winners of that competition will be announced on April 6th at CDC. 

One junior from West Point High School JAG shared about their experience interviewing. What stood out to them most was all the benefits that employers have to offer 16-18-year-olds. “I learned a lot here, and I know I will leave with a lot of valuable information that I can use later.”

JAG program participants also showed off their public speaking and hospitality skills in two competitions. 

For public speaking, contenders shared a 3-5 minute speech in front of a board room of seven judges about their JAG journey and the importance of CDC’s theme (“Turning Leaders into Legends and Obstacles into Opportunities”). 

Participants of the hospitality competition were challenged to prepare a hotel visit for arriving guests by assembling place settings for fine dining, tidying and resetting a hotel room, and utilizing their customer service and conflict resolution skills in mock scenarios. 

The Pre-CDC Employability Skills Event is one of many JAG statewide events that bring JAG youth and local employer/community partners together to network for future career opportunities. JAG’s last statewide event for the 2022-2023 school year is the Career Development Conference where more than 700 high school JAG participants compete in competitions, meet employers, learn from experts in their industries, and receive awards for their year of hard work.

Interested in learning more about the Career Development Conference and how you can be part of this special event? Learn more HERE

Looking to make a difference in the lives of middle and high school students throughout the state? Sign up to become a Pathway Maker HERE

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