The JAG Central Office Welcomes Five New 2022-23 AmeriCorps VISTA Members!

AmeriCorps VISTA is a national service program that places eligible candidates with host sites across the country working to address poverty.
November 3, 2022

What is VISTA?

AmeriCorps VISTA is a national service program that places eligible candidates with host sites across the country working to address poverty. Over 220,000 AmeriCorps members have served in the VISTA program since the 1965 start. AmeriCorps VISTA members serve in capacity-building roles which include fundraising, grant writing, research, and volunteer recruitment, and gain leadership skills and professional development experiences in return.

Welcome to the JAG 2022-2023 VISTA members!

The JAG Central Office is excited to welcome five new VISTA members to the Central Office in October 2022. We look forward to supporting their professional development goals as they work on communication across the JAG Arizona network; coordinating volunteers and Employer Partners; and writing about JAG successes in grants, reports, and via Insider News stories! Meet our October 2022-2023 VISTA Cohort:

  • Brenda Conway (She/Her) will be assuming the Volunteer & Events Coordinator VISTA role to support communication across the JAG network; recruitment and training of volunteers; and development of JAG annual events.
  • Charlie Gardner (He/Him) will be assuming a Copywriter VISTA role, to support the creation of JAG written deliverables including Insider News stories, grants, and reports about student successes.
  • Mae Tillman (Fae/Faer) will be assuming the role of Fundraising Strategist VISTA and will facilitate connections with our partners and local businesses, as well as national programs to build JAG's capacity.
  • Adan Cortina (He/Him) will be the Digital Media Coordinator VISTA and responsible for supporting JAG’s marketing efforts with the production of creative digital art.
  • Melissa Chang (She/Her) will support JAG in the role of Social Media/News Desk Editor VISTA. In this role, she will be working to create posts for all of JAG's social media, as well as facilitate the production of JAG's News Desk episodes for participants and supporters.

Current VISTA Members with the JAG Central Office

  • Kandra Myers (She/Her) began her service year as a Volunteer & Events Coordinator before moving into the current VISTA Leader position. She is responsible for recruiting and supporting the new VISTA cohort, as well as other capacity-building tasks and facilitations. 
  • Xavier Garcia (He/Him) began his VISTA service year in October 2021 and completed his year of service this month. He has begun a second year with VISTA/JAG and is currently beginning the role of Marketing Strategies Coordinator VISTA as of October 2022. Xavier has contributed to many JAG Communications Team projects including Insider News articles, the JAG newsletter, and social media.
  • Kaylee Craig (She/Her) assumed the Copywriter VISTA role in February of 2022. Kaylee has worked to develop blog posts and articles for the JAG site and has assisted with social media projects and facilitated interviews for JAG productions, as well as helmed new partnerships for JAG like SNAP CAN.
  • Isa Hesley (They/Them) began their service year in February of 2022 as a Volunteer & Events Coordinator VISTA. In this role, they have helped cultivate connections with JAG's Employer Partners, as well as coordinators for JAG programs. They also have been responsible for New Volunteer Orientations and the coordination of new volunteers into roles at JAG events such as CDC and Legislative Day.

Thank you for your service!

The JAG Central Office would like to thank the outgoing VISTA members for their service to the organization. 

John Paul Leslie (He/Him) began his service year in October of 2021 and has contributed to the Student News Desk project as well as some other video productions for JAG's digital media outlets! We are excited to learn about John Paul’s future endeavors, and wish him the best of luck!

The Central Office would also like to thank Jhonny Alvarez (He/Him) for his service to the organization. Jhonny’s service included the production of social media posts and new marketing materials among many other things. Jhonny ended his service in October 2022, and has been hired as official JAG Staff! We look forward to our continued work with Jhonny, and to all that he will accomplish in the future!

What have JAG VISTA members accomplished?

The JAG Central Office is proud to be a successful multi-year VISTA host site. Over the past three years, JAG has hosted nine VISTA members, including a VISTA Leader and three Summer Associates. VISTA members have contributed to videography, journalistic writing, graphic design, and student mentorship skills to projects including:

More about JAG

Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates focuses on developing career pathways for students, emphasizing postsecondary education, employment readiness, and life skills training. JAG consistently exceeds the national standards set by Jobs for America’s Graduates, receiving the prestigious Five-for-Five Award each year since 2003.

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