The '22-23 JAG LEADS Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

There are 13 student leaders who have joined the LEADS program this year to strengthen their leadership skills and represent JAG students on a national level.
November 18, 2022

The LEADS program is available for JAG students who aspire to become changemakers before graduation. LEADS receive an advisor with which they identify opportunities for leadership development, community engagement, and having their voices heard on a national level with other JAG programs across the country.

As one of our largest LEADS groups in JAG history, our 13 LEADS have a lot of exciting opportunities this year to make a difference and grow as leaders. Their first opportunity came at the High School Leadership Development Conference, where they were officially announced as LEADS to their statewide JAG program peers and challenged to facilitate icebreakers for more than 200 students. 

Turning obstacles into opportunities doesn’t stop there! They will also have the chance to attend the National Leadership Academy hosted by Jobs for America’s Graduates in Washington, D.C. this fall and a follow-up conference in Florida in the spring of 2023. 

Three juniors and 10 seniors have risen to the challenge of the LEADS program this year, and we look forward to seeing them shine in their roles. 


Jazzmyn Gerkin, senior

Copper Canyon

Frida Medrano Ibarra, senior


Blanca Luis Olivares, senior

Giselle Rojas, senior

Paradise Valley

Jasmin Batallones, senior

Lidia Ruiz, senior

Kayla Ontiveros, junior

Shadow Mountain

Noah Chapman, senior

Tohono O'odham

Alena Antone, senior

West Point

Jenna Flores, senior

Abdiel Espinoza Robeson, junior

Arianna Guerra, junior

Angel Gonzalez, junior

Interested in working with our LEADS on a community project or other leadership opportunities? Inquire with our LEADS Advisor, Nicole Porter

Learn more about the National Student Leadership Academy conference in Washington D.C. HERE

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