JAG Students Explore Careers in Construction

Students from Westview High School JAG attended Construction Days from November 2-3rd to learn more about the construction industry and gain hands-on experience.
January 5, 2023

National Construction Days were first developed in 1997 when leaders in the highway construction industry noticed a shortage in skilled workers. In 1999 it came to Arizona where it has been a resounding success. Students are able to meet with various construction professionals from a variety of local and regional firms, as well as the Arizona National Guard, a strategic partner with the event. 

JAG has been active at Construction Days since 2018 as part of our mission to support members’ career development plans through employer engagement. We also incorporate presentations and tours with Employer Partners, including Boeing and Honeywell, and summer programs focused on college and career exploration

“[My favorite part] was just how involved everything was. It just goes along with how organized it was and how well put-together it was in total… I loved how for the tents, you had to go through each step in order to get a prize at the end. Throughout that entire step, you learn about the organization and what they do. I really liked that about it,” said Westview JAG President Jessica Romero.

Students enjoyed the hands-on experience of Construction Days: “We were able to use the actual equipment, [that] the construction workers use… We broke concrete; we were able to actually handle liquid concrete too. I know that there were some students that were able to make these little cement pies,” Romero said. 

Noni Berry, Westview JAG’s Community Service Chair, had a similar experience: “I would definitely say [I enjoyed] the welding, and then I really enjoyed the way you make the cement pie… I thought it was really nice because when are you ever able to play with cement? When are you able to handle their actual machine?”

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