JAG Concludes 2022 Summer Camps with Leadership 101 Camp

Attendees learned about what it takes to lead through emotional intelligence workshops and team-building activities at West-MEC and Arizona Science Center.
July 27, 2022

At the Leadership 101 Camp held on July 18-19 and July 22, attendees engaged in workshops and activities at West-MEC and Arizona Science Center. The camp presented opportunities for attendees to learn more about their personalities and interests, as well as how they can pair their personal compass with emotional intelligence to lead effectively.

To kick off the camp, attendees started this leadership development journey at West-MEC. Our Director of Marketing and Communications and LEADS program manager was joined by West Point JAG Coordinator Ryan Klem for leading icebreakers and workshops that helped acquaint the attendees. The main topic of the day was “Emotional Intelligence.” Workshops were centered around personal strengths, the “True Colors” personality test, learning styles, and goal-setting. 

Tuesday’s workshops built off of the workshops from the day before. Participants learned the importance of self-awareness and accepting their strengths and weaknesses as a foundation for leadership development in life and career. These workshops were chosen for the camp with the intention of giving attendees the skills they need to advocate for themselves in their education and career journey. 

Through the workshops and activities, attendees had the opportunity to reflect on how the pandemic had impacted their empathy and ability to connect with others. They then turned that reflection into action by strategizing how they can apply what they had learned during the camp to grow as leaders during this next year. 

The final day of camp rounded out the attendees’ experiences with a big picture perspective on the science of the mind and the world around them through a visit to the Arizona Science Center. The center featured exhibits on stress management and the science behind achieving zen, environmental science, astronomy and physics, and biology. Two of their favorite exhibits included the Forces of Nature Immersion Theater (weather simulation) and The W.O.N.D.E.R. Center (neuroscience). 

Overall, the Leadership 101 Camp fused the science and practice of leadership together in a way that prepared attendees to strengthen their leadership skills in the upcoming school year. 

“It taught me more about leadership and how to lead younger generations,” said City of Tolleson JAG Works Member Arianna Velasquez.

Leadership 101 Camp succeeded three other JAG summer camps. Read more about Leadership Camp at Chauncey Ranch, Career Exploration Camp, and AZ Adventure College Tour. 

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