Help Us Bring LEADS to Washington D.C. for the National Student Leadership Academy!

JAG National hosts the annual conference for JAG student leaders from 39 states.
November 18, 2022

The LEADS program is available for JAG students who aspire to become changemakers before graduation. LEADS receive an advisor with which they identify opportunities for leadership development, community engagement, and having their voices heard on a national level with other JAG programs across the country. One of those very opportunities takes place November 29 - December 4 at the National Student Leadership Academy (NSLA) conference in Washington, D.C.. 

“What excites me most about the D.C. Trip is forming connections with people—not like in a general sense of forming connections with just your classmates, but in the business sense of; I need to get stuff done and you are part of my plan,” said Shadow Mountain JAG President and LEADS State Parliamentarian Noah Chapman. 

Jobs for America’s Graduates holds the annual NSLA conference for JAG programs across the country. The conference is a capstone leadership experience for state officers and local chapter officers and provides unique experiences through experiential learning, real-world applicability, and networking, as well as a tour around D.C. and Capitol Hill. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our students to see the U.S. Capitol, Arlington Cemetery, monuments and memorials in D.C. such as the ones in National Mall, and other historical sights. 

“What excites me most about the D.C. trip is getting to travel and see a different perspective than what we usually see here because it is a different environment,” said Copper Canyon JAG President and LEADS Leader Frida Medrano. “I’m always open to meeting new people, and I think it’s going to be very exciting meeting the other JAG members from all around the country.”

Help us cover the costs that make this conference possible for our LEADS by donating here. Every dollar counts!

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