Employer Partner Spotlight: Honeywell

Honeywell visited La Joya JAG earlier this year to share about job opportunities and pathways students can take during and after high school.
June 17, 2022

As one of our Employer Partners and a volunteer guest speaker for our JAG students, Honeywell visited La Joya Community HS earlier this year to share about their workplace culture and the many opportunities available for students and graduates interested in working there. 

These guest speaker presentations are important for our students to picture themselves in roles that may seem far off into the future. While many students are exploring their work and study options for during and after high school, the presentation can present new ideas, solidify opportunities, and give students a glimpse of the work/study environment they prefer. 

Honeywell’s presentation not only covered the workings of the company and the impact they make in aerospace technology and health science, the presenters also included students in discussions about their own backgrounds and interests. 

“My favorite part of the presentation was in the beginning when we were able to share personal stuff about ourselves,” La Joya JAG President Elena Gomez said. “Because it felt like I was actually included and they wanted to learn about us the same way we wanted to learn about them….”

In addition to engaging students in a Q&A session and handing out Honeywell souvenirs, the presenters showed opportunities available to them as high schoolers and graduates. 

“My favorite part was when they were showing the video,” One of the seniors in La Joya JAG said. “They showed a video after we answered the questions about Honeywell, and it was inspiring to see a lot of students who are a bit closer to our age who are doing great things there.”

For Julian, one of the other seniors, when the presenters discussed the work environment and opportunities for advancement, it became clear that this was the culture fit Julian had been looking for. “I find it pretty inspiring that it’s a company that wants you to stay with them – it’s a company you can grow with.”

When asked about how the presentation might have influenced their ideas for the future and how they want to make a difference in the world, Elena expressed interest in health science and Julian was interested in human resources.

For more information on Honeywell and current job opportunities, see HERE

Interested in guest speaking for one of our JAG programs next school year? Sign up for volunteer orientation HERE

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