Coolidge JAG visits Arizona Science Center and Grand Canyon University

On August 31, students participated in science exhibits and learned more about what college life has to offer.
September 23, 2022

Throughout the year, JAG programs engage in various events and activities that prepare students for their personal and professional goals after high school. One of these activities includes college and vocational training tours. These tours provide students with the information they need to stay on track for the upcoming application deadlines and to inform their post-secondary options.

Several JAG programs started visiting campuses across the state in August. In the past few weeks, West Point visited Arizona State University, Copper Canyon visited Northern Arizona University, and Paradise Valley visited University of Arizona. Coolidge JAG had the opportunity to tour Grand Canyon University (GCU) on August 31st.

Before their tour at GCU, the students spent time at the Arizona Science Center. Students enjoyed the “All About Me” exhibit where they learned more about how the body functions through interactive activities. They also participated in the “Get Charged Up” exhibit and interacted with the “bed of nails” and “giant lever” to learn more about the processes of the natural world.

They then made their way to GCU for a campus tour that offered insight into student life and the programs the university has to offer. Since classes are in session for many programs on campus, JAG students were immersed in a typical day on campus and what it would be like to live there.

JAG senior Luella found the tour to be beneficial for her future plans, “It gave me a solid introduction to college life and how students behave and the activities that go on at universities. It just introduced me to different concepts that I wasn’t aware of before.”

For JAG senior Jesus Garcia, the tour gave him insight into how crowded university campuses can be and his options for earning a degree in business or finance. 

After this college field trip, there are many other opportunities for Coolidge JAG students to continue their post-secondary planning, professional and leadership development, and learn from experts in their fields. 

One of those classroom activities happened this month with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Program, and they presented on Choose Health Action Team (CHAT). CHAT makes nutrition and wellness engaging for students of all ages, and provides the opportunity for high school students to present at other local schools. 

Interested in volunteering as a guest speaker for one of our many JAG programs across the state? Sign up HERE for a volunteer orientation to learn more.

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