CDC Competitions: Team Events

JAG students and participants apply their skills and passions in competitions with their peers at the 2022 Career Development Conference.
May 27, 2022

Team Event Competitions at the Career Development Conference (CDC) provide groups of JAG students and participants the chance to learn how to utilize each other’s strengths and remain calm as a team when meeting time-sensitive goals.

The team events are centered around project-based learning, script reading, finance, automotive, engineering, and graphic design. Each competition showcases what JAG members have grown throughout their year, while strengthening bonds with each other. 

For the Project-Based Learning Competition, Public Director of Paradise Valley JAG and Junior Jasmin Batallones and two other JAG students won 2nd Place for the fall festival they helped organize at the beginning of the school year. The festival is held annually at Paradise Valley HS with a turnout of around 1,000 people, and it features booths for school clubs and other student resources. Batallones and a group of JAG students worked together to create a booth to share information about JAG with their peers and to collect canned food for a local charity. 

Antriphania Carlos, the vice president of social awareness and senior for Tolleson Union JAG, and her team of three won 1st Place in the JAG Program Chapter Commercial competition. When reflecting on the project, Carlos shared that the commercial helped build more bonds within their JAG program by bringing students together to share their photos and videos from the year, “It was me and two other people that put it all together. But it was really like a team effort….It was really a lot of fun!”

Lidia Ruiz Desiderio, a junior at Paradise Valley, was in a group of three other students who competed against other participating JAG programs to reach the highest earnings in the stock market. Their team won 2nd Place in the Stock Market Game, and when asked about her favorite part, she replied, “Seeing how the stock market actually works was really fun to watch and be a part of.”  

Coronado HS’ group of JAG students won 1st Place in one of the biggest team events at the CDC: the Team Tower competition. The Team Tower competition involves a team of five working together with limited materials to create the tallest tower in just a few minutes. For the Coronado JAG team, the competition not only bonded the students closer together, but it also taught them how collaboration and communication are essential. 

“Personally, though it was a mutual feeling for all of us, I loved how we communicated because prior to the competition, we’ve had attempts that failed before,” said one of the members of the Coronado Team Tower. “However, we had a foundation of ideas going into the competition, and I think we did well communicating…it felt like what separated us from other teams was that we focused on strengthening our bond instead of competing.”

Working with groups of peers can be challenging for various reasons, but as JAG students realized through these competitions, when a group of individuals come together and support each other’s skills and talents, that’s when the magic happens. 

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