Career Exploration Summer Camp at Nourish PHX

JAG Member Elijah Moore works with Nourish PHX this summer to strengthen community partnerships through food and compassion.
July 8, 2022

Our Summer Career Exploration Camp pairs students and alumni with current job and volunteer opportunities. We offer a stipend for these participants as they explore their options for career and grow professionally along the way. Employer Partners we have had the pleasure to partner with include: Nourish Phoenix, Tonto National Forest, and Credit Union West Bank

JAG Member Elijah Moore volunteers at Nourish Phoenix part-time to distribute food to community members. Moore enjoys being a part of something bigger there and connecting with people in his community that he wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet. 

He remembers one community member fondly, a woman he met a few weeks ago during a food distribution. It was during the time of the heatwave that hit Phoenix just before the weekend of Juneteenth, and the woman came for the distribution. She wanted to have a barbecue that weekend but the heat made her hesitant. Moore encouraged her to treat herself to ribs and enjoy her weekend anyway.

When she came back the next week with a friend, she gave her appreciation to him for being kind and encouraging her to make the most of the weekend – and in case you were wondering, she did have the chance to enjoy those ribs!

Moore is passionate about his role at food distributions and remarked that whether it was the woman “with the ribs” or another community member that promised to bring him pie, “It is a really great feeling to put a smile on someone else’s face, and they put a smile on mine too.”

Nourish Phoenix is a valued community partner. Since 1983, they have been serving the community through food, clothing, and employment assistance. In 2020, they served 90,828 individuals.

Nourish PHX brings the greater Phoenix community together to end poverty, learn more about how you can support their programs HERE

Our Career Exploration Camp ends July 29 – it’s not too late to sign up for a part-time job with our Employer Partners! SIGN UP HERE

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