Closing the Education to Employment Gap in Arizona Schools

November 9, 2023

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment for Arizona's Graduates   

In today’s changing workforce, recent graduates face many challenges when it comes to finding employment. To find good jobs, recent grads need; a resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, teamworking skills, public speaking skills, the list is endless but increasingly essential. According to ZipRecruiter(2022) Ceo, Ian Siegal, "93% of employers say soft skills play a critical role in their decision about whom they want to hire." Unfortunately, the skills employers want are not typically taught in schools. Many parents find their students may not be prepared to enter the workforce or have the skills to persist in post-secondary education. Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates (JAG) is more than a class, it is a tailored approach to ensure Arizona students learn the skills they need to succeed after graduation.   

What is JAG?  

Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates is a 501(c3) non-profit focused on developing students’ full potential. JAG empowers students to explore their passions and develop career goals through hands-on real-world experiences. Through our student-centered approach, JAG is committed to the success of Arizona youth by helping them acquire the life and career skills they will need for graduation and beyond.   

JAG Grads are more likely to be employed.  

In 2023, 76% of JAG grads were employed compared to the nation’s youth employment participation rate of 60% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023) Upon graduation, JAG participants are prepared for success in the workforce. Anna Tovar, Arizona Board of Education member and JAG Alumna, said, “If you want to look at power-driven results, where there are students who are ready, who are capable, who are passionate about having an awesome career… those are our JAG students.”  

Shanayah's Story  

After moving to Arizona from Michigan, Shanayah found it difficult to make connections and adjust to her new life. Lacking direction, Shanayah enrolled in a JAG class and found a supportive coordinator that helped her define her career goals. “My JAG coordinator is a guide, a doorkeeper who shows you all these opportunities and sets the keys in front of you,” said Shanayah. Her mother Keisa even noticed a difference, “The impact that JAG had on my daughter has been phenomenal.” Read Shanayah’s full story 

At the time of the interview, Shanayah worked at a mortgage company while pursuing a bachelor's degree in journalism at Arizona State University.  

Support JAG  

To continue providing quality services to students of great potential, JAG relies on the support of dedicated community members such as yourself. This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to be a part of something truly impactful! Join the global movement of generosity by supporting JAG this Giving Tuesday.  

Thank you for your support!  

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