Alumni Spotlight: Angelo Cortina

Angelo expresses how his four years in JAG helped him make connections and grow as a leader.
July 29, 2022

JAG Works Tolleson Alum Angelo Cortina is no stranger to JAG. He was first introduced to the program by friends, as a freshman in high school. His introduction was a bit more unique. Rather than joining through his school program, Angelo joined through the local community center after finding out about the JAG meetings. 

“I joined JAG to improve my social skills, wanting to meet new people. And I wanted to see what the world has to offer and different careers that are out there whether it be in college or something else,” Cortina said.

For participants like Cortina, there are plenty of opportunities for students to grow their skill set. By partnering with numerous employers, programs, and other organizations, JAG hopes to help ensure the future success of its members. JAG supports participants in increasing their leadership abilities, interviewing skills, and professionalism, all of which can help members grow on a professional level.

Cortina was also able to receive assistance in planning for his future, "JAG definitely helped me with scholarships. Helping me find scholarships that I never knew of…It’s a whole new process that I’m thankful to have JAG for… to walk me through it.”

Along with our skill-building activities inside the classroom and out in the community, we provide a supportive space for participants to grow through our trauma-informed care model.

JAG was more than just a way to set future goals, and increase his skills, it was also a family, “JAG is definitely like a family especially into my freshman year. My original cohort is still with us. We've been working with each other for like four years now.”

Speaking of family, Cortina is quick to give credit to the woman who has been there for him the most. When asked about women in his life who inspired and pushed him, he was not shy about naming her and giving her the credit she was due.

“Definitely my mom, my mom's always pushed me to do bigger and better no matter what others say or what others think of you,” he said.

When asked if he’d keep in touch with JAG he assured our interviewer that he has every intention of keeping us updated, “Definitely me being the president this year, I know past presidents the previous years, and we've always continued to follow up and help other students.”

Employer Partners are among JAG’s greatest assets. With your help, we can support our participants in reaching their goals. Through our various competitions, tours, job shadowing and presentations, you help our participants set expectations for their futures, and help them find their path and inspiration. 

Cortina is bright, hard working, and has a great future ahead of him. After graduating, he enrolled in a business entrepreneurship program at ASU and started working with one of our Employer Partners, Credit Union West, as a Member Service Consultant. 

"I know this job will prepare me for my future goals because I am the youngest one in my branch and also in the company, I believe," Cortina said. "So I'm surrounded with a lot of valuable people that have a lot of knowledge I can gain just in life and in the banking world."

If you’d like to be a partner and work with our amazingly talented participants, inquire HERE

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