2022-23 Student Career Association Leaders Share Their Vision for the New Year

The annual Initiation and Installation ceremony introduces student leaders to their community and recognizes the goals they set for the year.
January 20, 2023

Seventeen of our JAG programs hosted their annual student officer and committee member induction ceremony (Initiation & Installation ceremony). Three new programs joined JAG this year in holding their first I&I ceremonies: Camp Verde High School, Shadow Mountain High School, and Tonopah Valley High School. 

The Initiation and Installation Ceremony is a JAG tradition that follows our JAG-A-Palooza season in September-October. The I&I ceremony recognizes the student officers of the Career Association (CA) that were elected by their peers to lead in areas such as president, vice president, administrative assistant/parliamentarian, public relations and marketing, fundraising, social awareness, leadership and career development, community service, and civic participation.

As members of their Career Association, student leaders are expected to fulfill their membership responsibilities, such as supporting the activities of their chapter, attending Career Association meetings, inviting new members, raising awareness, and always setting a positive example on their campus. 

Most programs had guest speakers attend the ceremony, such as Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) Superintendent Troy Bales, PVUSD School Board President Susan Matura, Motivational Speaker Ydrate Nelson, Coach Carter Crosland, AT&T Director of Sales Jacqueline Rubio, Co-founder of Now or Never Foundation Carrie Matteson, Director of Valley of the Sun Pageants and Mrs. Arizona International 2021 Shequan Palmer, and JAG Arizona President Graciela Garcia Candia. Coolidge and West Point JAG also showed how they engaged with their community through TikTok and podcasting. 

For many students, this may be the first time their family members and friends have seen them recognized for their leadership or dedication to their goals. During the ceremony, student-elected officers and committee chairs shared their program’s initiatives for on-campus/community projects and events. Students also recited an oath for their time in JAG.

I&I ceremonies are just one of many opportunities that JAG offers student leaders and their classmates to learn, grow, and achieve together. The next statewide event will be Legislative Day at the Arizona Capitol in March where they will meet some of their district representatives and engage in a mock session, as well as meet employer partners that are leading in their fields/industries. 

Stay tuned as our programs accomplish their goals and invite community members like you to be a part of the magic.

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