I&I Season Celebrates Sunrise Mountain’s Initiation & Installation Ceremony

This important JAG annual event inducts participants into the program with a formal event to which family members and the larger community are invited.
November 9, 2021

The Initiation and Installation Ceremony

The JAG model is designed to prepare participants for personal and professional success as they complete high school and transition into their careers. Built into each program’s plan of work are elements of Employer Engagement, Project Based Learning, and Trauma-Informed Care. JAG is unique in that participants complete experiential learning and service projects, self-development activities, and networking with employers to prepare themselves for entering the workforce. More information on each element of the JAG Model can be found here.

As they move through their 1-year program, JAG participants attend and host a number of events to celebrate their milestones. Every aspect of JAG is built around the three model elements. From their in-classroom activities to their annual events, JAG programs utilize a Project-Based Learning approach to instruction. This means that young people are given opportunities to learn and practice new skills through leadership, career exploration, community service activities, and more. These projects reinforce critical workplace skills including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork.

Towards the beginning of each program year is an Initiation and Installation ceremony, in which participants are inducted into their JAG program. Every participant recites an oath in front of their classmates, family, friends, and larger community, to commit themselves to the growth that they will experience through JAG. Program Officers of the Career Association present themselves in their official roles, and share their goals for the year. This event allows participants to practice their public speaking skills, demonstrate their knowledge of professional attire, and show their commitment to the yearlong program. The I&I is unique in that it might be the first event during which the family and friends of each young person are invited to attend, and often see their child, sibling, or friend assume an important leadership role for the first time. For many JAG participants, their participation in the program is the spark event for further leadership development and professional success. Many JAG Participants share that they feel great pride in themselves after the ceremony.

During the covid19 pandemic, Initiation and Installation ceremonies were held virtually. To see the virtual version of the JAG 2021 Initiation and Installation ceremony, please see this link.


Sunrise Mountain High School JAG

On October 20th, 2021, 23 seniors of Sunrise Mountain High School officially joined the JAG program with JAG Coordinator, Steve Decker. The Ceremony celebrated the commitment, maturity, and dedication of each student. Sunrise Mountain’s Career Association Vice President, Julian, shared their Body of Work for their program year, which includes a Annual Talent Show. For this event, the program will discuss and plan for auditions, identifying a venue, and determining “a fair admission price that is affordable and profitable”. Developing a plan and hosting this event will allow Sunrise Mountain JAG Participants to showcase their professional communication, discernment, logistics, and public speaking skills. The JAG Central Office is excited to see their success through this event!

Through the next few months, the JAG Program at Sunrise Mountain High School will complete personal and professional development projects during their class meetings, and prepare for upcoming JAG annual events. Coming up in January 2022 is Legislative Day, during which JAG participants from across Arizona are welcomed to the Arizona State Capitol to meet with legislators, share their experiences in JAG, and advocate for education. Later in spring of 2022, JAG Arizona participants will attend and compete in the annual Career Development Conference. During the CDC, JAG youth will showcase their awards in professional competitions including public speaking, budgeting, and graphic design, and network with potential employers.


More about JAG

Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates focuses on developing career pathways for students, emphasizing post-secondary education, employment readiness and life-skills training. JAG consistently exceeds the national standards set by Jobs for America’s Graduates, receiving the prestigious Five for Five Award each year since 2003.

Connect with us! If you would like more information about JAG in your school and community, please click HERE or call us at 602-216-9503. To learn more about volunteering opportunities with JAG annual events, please click HERE. To offer direct financial support for JAG programs, please click HERE.

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