L.O.V.E. Service Project

L.O.V.E. Project

The Lifting Our Voices for Equity (L.O.V.E.) Project is intended to encourage
youth to identify inequities in their community and work collectively to make a
positive impact.

Competition Guideline

Lifting Our Voices for Equity

Each presentation team must present the L.O.V.E. project, product, or event
developed at their school or in their community during the current
membership year. Each team member must present a portion of the
presentation and the overall work must be completed by all team members.

L.O.V.E Event Overview

Competitors will create a presentation to highlight their L.O.V.E. Project.
answering this question: Where do inequities show up in your community
and what can you do to create positive change?"

Teams will describe the events and activities (planning through
completion) involved with the project.
NCA Competitive Event Guidelines
L.O.V.E. Project (2023) LP 2

Emphasis should be placed on the results and impact of the NCA Chapter
lifting their voices for equity in their community or school.

Recognition Levels and Process

The presentation is a minimum of 7 minutes and a maximum of 10
minutes in length.

The timekeeper will present a flash card advising the competitors when
they have reached six minutes, seven minutes, and when there is one
minute remaining.

At the conclusion of the oral presentation, competitors will have a three
minute question and answer session with the judges.

The judges will have three minutes to evaluate the presentation focusing
on the effectiveness of public speaking, presentation skills, and how well
the participants respond to questions that the judges ask during the

Point deductions will be applied for teams who do not meet the minimum
time and for those who exceed the time limit.
Students may create an audio/visual presentation (Power Point, Prezi,
Google Slides, Video, etc.) to support the presentation with the judge

It is the responsibility of the team to bring the presentation tools with
them to their scheduled appointment and pull up the files/videos needed
in a timely manner. It is also recommended to bring a laptop to show the
presentation in the case of technical difficulties during the competition.

Projectors and screens will be provided by the NCA.
Team members may use note cards as speaking aids if desired. It is not
acceptable or permitted to read the speech word-for-word from the notes.

Props may NOT be used; this includes, but is not limited to, costumes, handouts, music, the public product, and/or photos

Registration and Due Dates

One Team Entry Per Chapter (4 Members Per Team)


Submission Date: February 22, 2023

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