Mirror Communication Event

Mirror Communication Event

Students will present basic principles for communication and demonstrate verbal & non-verbal facilitation skills.

"Turning Leaders into Legends and Obstacles into Opportunities"

Competition Guideline

Competition Notes

Each pair of students should sit back to back with their partner. There should be enough space between pairs so they cannot see what
other pairs are drawing.

The pair will need to decide who will be the “guide” and who will be the “drawer”

Give the “drawer” a pencil, a hard surface to write on, and a blank sheet of paper. Give the “guide” the tri-fold that includes picture of
the image/design to be drawn.

The “guide” begins describing the image/design in such a way that the “drawer” can reproduce it on their own as described. The“guide” may not look at what the “drawer” is drawing and the “drawer” may not look at the image/design that is being described.

The “guide” is allowed to talk. The “guide” can only use the following when talking to the “drawer”
  * Shapes: e.g. “draw a small circle, large triangle, etc.”
 * Angles: e.g. “draw a line at an angle of 90 degrees”
 * Directions: e.g. “draw a square on the left side of the page”

The guide must not mention what the picture is or give any hints about the picture.

The “guide” must not look over their shoulder 

The “drawer” may not ask questions. They may only you the word “repeat” to ask the “guide” to repeat an instruction.

Registration and Due Dates

Two Entries Per Program, Two Students Per Entry

Day of CDC Competition
Competition Date: April 6, 2023
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