Student Spotlight: Serina

Affiliation: JAG Works West Valley
Hometown: Tolleson, AZ
High School: Tolleson Union High School
“JAG provides the support I need to progress in life.”
Serina, a TUHS senior, joined JAG Works West Valley in January 2017. She wasn’t shy when she first walked into the JAG Works office and was eager to share her dreams and goals with her coordinator. Despite the challenges she and her family were facing at home, she was determined to get the help she needed to stay on track in school. She participated consistently in JAG’s workshop series, and worked closely with her Coordinator on her education and career plan. After completing her workshops, Serina was elected by her peers as the Fundraising Officer for the community-based program in June and has helped to make an impact in her community through summer volunteerism at the elementary school. She was recently selected as a University of Phoenix LEADS and will represent her JAG program in the National Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. later this year. Serina’s goal is to attend Smith College next fall and pursue a career as a pediatric doctor.
Be Bold. Stand Out.
By Serina

Life does well with throwing curveballs
Sometimes, us young ones feel hidden behind the walls
The walls that cover up the potential that we have inside
However, JAG helps us troubled ones be BOLD and STAND out and fills us with pride
JAG gives us the courage that we need to flourish and release self-doubt

JAG gives us the tools that we need to sprout
Into the adults that we will soon become
JAG gives us the reassurance that there is no need to run
Us JAG members are learning to be BOLD and STAND out
No matter what curveballs are thrown our way, JAG gives us the guidance we need to avoid the strikeout

We know exactly what to do and what to say
When the troublesome adulthood comes our way
We are prepared for the curveballs to come
Being a JAG member means that we will never be lonesome
Our JAG family is held dearly to our hearts, without a doubt
We will all be BOLD and STAND out
Serina (center) along with fellow JAG member Martin and January Contreras
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