Employability Skills Competition

Employability Skills

The Employability Skills event requires competitors to prepare a cover
letter and a resume and participate in an employment interview with two or
more judges. The event aims to inspire members to learn more about a
traditional, in-person application for employment.

Competition Guideline

Prior to attending the Career Development Conference, the competitor should select any employment position for which an individual is trained or being trained. (A job for which they could actually apply; a job that he/ she is currently qualified, or being trained, to hold.)

Employability Skills Event Overview

• The competitor prepares a one-page cover letter and a one-page resume. The cover letter and resume must be factual and accurate. Competitors should include real work experience and education. NCA Competitive Event Guidelines Employability Skills (2023) ES 2
• Cover Letters and Resumes will be judged prior to the in-person interview.
• The Cover Letter and Resume makes up 44% of the total score, while the interview points make up 56% of the total 125 points awarded.
• No materials may be taken into the interview.
• A Competitive Events Personnel will introduce the competitor by name to the judges. After this introduction, the time will begin.
• The interview will be conducted for a maximum of ten (10) minutes. The timekeeper shall present a flash card advising the competitor when there is one (1) minute remaining.
• The competitor will be excused, and judges will be given an additional three minutes to complete the rating sheet
• Handshakes between judges and competitors are allowed at the beginning and end of the event.
• Professional ethics demand that competitors DO NOT discuss or reveal judge questions for ANY event until after the event has concluded. Violation of the ethics rules will be severely penalized per the NCA General Rules and Regulations. There will be at least one question asked in the interview that evaluates the competitor’s knowledge of the position for which they are applying

Registration and Due Dates

Up To Nine Entries Per Chapter


Competition Date: February 22, 2023

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