Communication Triathlon

Communication Triathlon

Individual chapter members will demonstrate effective communication skills by spelling words correctly, editing a business letter, and
composing a thank you letter/note

Competition Guideline

Competition Notes

The competitor will report to the virtual event room between the dates of February 27 & 28, and March 1, 2023. The link will be provided via email in response to the email provided in the registration form.

The event chairperson will virtually distribute:
  a) 40-item multiple choice spelling test
  b) Business letter with errors
  c) Written situation that requires a thank-you letter/note to be written.

Participants MUST have an electronic device and internet access to participate in the competition. Please plan accordingly
with your JAG coordinator.

The competitor will select the correct spelling of vocabulary terms.

The business letter will be provided to students during the time the exam is proctored. Competitors will name the sections of the
letter accordingly via a multiple choice exam.

The competitor will be presented with a written situation and will write a thank-you note in response to it.

Competitors will have 40 minutes to complete their event packets, starting when all packets are distributed.

A “5 Minute Warning” will be issued prior to the close of the event. Time will be called at 40 minutes and the packets will be

Competitors will be judged on spelling test accuracy, editing a business letter, and composing a thank you note.

Registration and Due Dates

Unlimited Entries Per Chapter


Competition Dates: February 22, 2024

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