Choice Hotels Hospitality Triathlon

Hospitality Triathlon

Develop positive branding for current/future company. Demonstrate & perform Cosmetology skills. Provide quality customer service/chair side manners.
"Turning Leaders into Legends and Obstacles into Opportunities"

Competition Guideline

Competition Notes

  1. The competitor must declare his/her intent to enter this event by registering on the competition registration form.
  2. Each team member will demonstrate one skill area: Resolving a Customer Complaint, Setting a Formal Table, and Housekeeping- Making a Bed and towel art.
  3. Each of the rubrics below will explain details to attain perfect score.

    The student(s) will bring the following items for each area:
       Customer Complaint: Bring a typed copy of your created Policy and Procedure to resolve unfound reservation issue. Customer states they made a reservation,
    may be restaurant or hotel reservation, you are unable to locate the reservation. Follow your written policy and procedure to resolve issue.
       Formal Table Setting: Bring your menu design and centerpiece and itemized price list of items used to create the centerpiece. Menu and Centerpiece must reflect the theme. "Turning Leaders into Legends and Obstacles into Opportunities" Menu must reflect items listed in the rubric. Centerpiece must be $5 or under.
      Housekeeping: Bring 2 pictures, one for each of the towel art designs you plan to make to leave with the judges. Students will be provided queen sheet set
    including comforter and pillows to make a bed. 4 Hand towels, 2 bath towels, 4 finger towels will be available for students to use to create 2 towel art pieces.

Registration and Due Dates

3 Students per team: 1 entry per program
Prejudged Event
Competition Date:  Wednesday February 22, 2023
AZ Tax Credit Funds
(602) 216-9503 I
3320 W. Cheryl Dr., Suite B220 Phoenix, AZ 85051
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