Chapter Upper Apparel

Upper Apparel

To encourage individuals to demonstrate their artistic, creative and imaginative talents by making a visual display and build team unity..

"Turning Leaders into Legends and Obstacles into Opportunities"

Competition Guideline

Competition Notes

Upper Apparel must be the result of the chapter members’ design and efforts.

Judging is based on how well the chosen item relates to the essence of the JAG Program, artistic representation, originality, overall appearance, the use of color and the
explanation of the fundraising plans will be established.

An explanation (a short write up) of the fundraising plans will be obtained, and the level of participation needed by team members in the fundraising needs to
accompany the chosen item.

Winners for this competition will be announced on the day of the CDC.

Registration and Due Dates

One Entry per Chapter
  Pre-judged Event 
Submissions Due: Friday March 8, 2024
AZ Tax Credit Funds
(602) 216-9503 I
10201 S. 51st Street, Ste 125, Phoenix, AZ 85044
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