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Every year, students develop a Career Association within their JAG program. Students are elected by their peers to hold Officer Positions for one school year, as well as, serve on committees in the areas of; Leadership Development, Career Development, Social Awareness, Civic Awareness and Community Service. The purpose of the Career Association is to provide opportunities for JAG students to develop and demonstrate leadership and career development skills and knowledge. In addition, the Career Association creates the structure for the JAG Family – the family atmosphere is what gives students a sense of belonging and connection to school and their JAG peers.

The JAG Career Association provides motivation and practical strategies to help young people succeed in school and on the job while preparing for their future careers. The Career Association is a student-led organization for students who are interested in preparing themselves to enter the post-secondary education, college and/or the work force. Every student enrolled in their local JAG program is automatically a member of the Career Association.

The JAG Coordinator oversees the activities of the student-led Career Association and supports the students in achieving five (5) fundamental yet powerful goals. Each goal area has a dedicated student-led committee with a Vice President or Chairperson leading that committee.


The Career Association members are responsible for developing and implementing a Program of Work (POW). The Program of Work activities are developed for each of the following categories below. Fundraising activities are included to support the POW activities.
  1. Leadership Development
  2. Career Development
  3. Social Awareness
  4. Civic Awareness
  5. Community Service
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Our Career Association chapters cannot be successful without the support and involvement of community members, business leaders and donors who support students in their campus activities and community service work. To connect with a Career Association chapter near you, please sign up to volunteer!
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